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Unlocking the Mother's Day Wishlist: Insights from 900+ Moms Revealed!

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As Mother's Day approaches, we decided to delve into the hearts of moms to uncover what brings them joy on this special day. We conducted a lighthearted poll on Instagram, using 'Would You Rather' questions to explore what resonates most with moms when it comes to Mother's Day. Over 900 mothers participated and the results are in!

  1. Flowers or chocolate? Sorry chocolate lovers! Flowers were favored by 58% of moms, while 42% preferred chocolate.

    flowers or chocolate

  2.  Spa day or movie day at home? It seems think mom's want to spend a little time alone this year. A spa day received 59% of the votes, trumping a cozy movie day at home at 41%.

    spa day

    3.  Shopping spree or picnic in the park?  When it comes to indulging, a shopping spree won with 65% over a peaceful picnic in the park at 35%. Looks like you might have to pull out the credit card!

    shopping spree

    4.  Home cooked meal or dinner at a fancy restaurant? Dining out seems to be a popular choice, with 58% opting for a fancy restaurant over a home-cooked meal at 42%. Better make those reservations!


    5.  A clean car or a clean house? Moms overwhelmingly preferred a clean house (91%) to a clean car (9%). JAWS Cleaners would help get the job done. 

    clean car

    6.  A heartfelt letter or a small thoughtful gift? When it comes to tokens of appreciation, a small thoughtful gift won over a heartfelt letter, with 56% to 44%. 


    7.  A day trip surprise or a sleep in? Surprisingly, a day trip surprise edged out a sleep-in with 56% versus 44%. Better get up early this year!

    day trip

    8.  Breakfast in bed or a day out? Lastly, a day out triumphed over breakfast in bed with 59% to 41%. We were surprised to see so many moms still like breakfast in bed!

    bed breakfast

These results reveal that moms appreciate a mix of thoughtful gestures and indulgent treats on Mother's Day. Each mom is unique and the common thread among them is the love and appreciation shown to them on this special day. Happy Mother's Day!