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JAWS Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

JAWS® – The Just Add Water System™

Rethink your household cleaning aisle.

Stop shipping, stocking, and selling plastic bottles mostly filled with water. JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) offers reusable spray bottles that consumers refill with their own tap water and add a concentrated cleaning pod to create an effective, streak-free and biodegradable cleaning solution. Once customers purchase the reusable bottle, they will come back for refill pods. JAWS eco-friendly cleaning products have the power to clean as well as the national brands – but without the waste that comes with them.

JAWS® cleaners cover the market and almost every household cleaning need.

JAWS® cleaners cover the market and almost every household cleaning need.

Perfect for cleaning glass and other hard surfaces including stainless steel and granite, this alcohol-free, ammonia-free glass cleaner provides a streak-free shine.

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner removes everyday grease and grime from countertops, appliances, outdoor furniture, and even grills! Yet it’s safe enough to use on stainless steel and granite.

This Safer Choice Certified cleaner dissolves and removes soap scum, oils, and mineral deposits and leaves bathrooms clean and fresh smelling.

It’s a high performance, neutral pH floor cleaner. It gets out the dirt and grime without leaving behind streaks or hazy residue, but it’s safe for floors, family, and pets.

This no-rinse, neutral pH cleaner kills germs, inhibits mold mildew growth, and leaves behind a fresh lemon fragrance and beautiful shine – in one time-saving step.

Perfect for cleaning granite and other hard surfaces including marble and stone, this alcohol-free, ammonia-free cleaner provides a streak-free shine.

Get a deep clean with our heavy-duty bathroom cleaner with rich foaming action.

Removes dirt and grime from kitchen surfaces, grills, outdoor furniture, and even recreational vehicles.   

JAWS products are great for consumers and retailers.

Consumers love JAWS cleaners because:

  1. The super-concentrated formula cleans the toughest household grime.
  2. JAWS Cleaners are safe on modern household surfaces
    • From glass and granite, to sealed hardwood and tile, our cleaners remove the grime without harming the surface underneath
    • To determine which JAWS is safe for specific surfaces, refer to the Where to Use chart.
  3. Our non-toxic* cleaning products are kinder to the environment and more economical than other cleaners.
    • Reusable spray bottles reduce plastic waste by 59% compared to pre-filled bottles.
    • 40% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.
    • With one reusable bottle, tap water, and refill pods, JAWS costs less than 30% - 50% less than ready-to-use products.

Retailers love JAWS because:

  1. The refill pods take up less shelf space than bottles – they’re easy to ship, easy to display, and easy to store.
    • Create up to 50% more shelf space compared to shelves devoted to water-filled containers.
  2. The refill system keeps customers coming back.
    • Once a consumer buys JAWS at your store, they know exactly where to go to get the easy-to-use refill pods.
  3. It proves to consumers that retailers are concerned about the environment.