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10 Cleaning Influencers on YouTube You'll Want to Follow

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Are you someone who finds cleaning enjoyable or a necessary chore? Either way, the rise of cleaning influencers on YouTube has provided us with endless motivation, tips, and tricks to keep our spaces sparkling clean. Here are ten must-follow cleaning influencers who can inspire and guide you on your cleaning journey:

Clean my space

Clean My Space by Melissa Maker

Looking for cleaning tips that actually work? Look no further than the renowned cleaning influencer, Melissa Maker, from Clean My Space. Melissa has mastered the art of efficient cleaning, providing her audience with valuable decluttering advice, quick cleaning hacks, and time-saving tips. Melissa's approach makes tidying up seem like a breeze - no wonder she's gained a massive following of over 2 million subscribers and has shared over 900 helpful videos. With Melissa's guidance, you can learn to clean better, faster, and achieve exceptional results in no time at all. Who knew cleaning could be this fun and effortless? 

Melissa hails from Canada and has recently been doing really cool live episodes with tips from other cleaning professionals.

til vacuum do us part
Til Vacuum Do Us Part

Step into the world of home organizing and cleaning with the delightful Ashley from Til Vacuum Do Us Part. Hailing from the heart of Oklahoma, Ashley is your go-to cleaning influencer for a treasure trove of tips on organizing, innovative Amazon finds, DIY projects, decorating inspiration, and decluttering solutions. Inspired by years of watching YouTube videos, Ashley embarked on her own content creation journey, sharing her passion with viewers worldwide. With six years of experience under her belt, Ashley invites you to join her on this exciting ride! Subscribe to her channel today and dive into the wonderful realm of home improvement with her. 

Ashley has been one of our longtime partners and we love how well she demonstrates the cleaning power of JAWS Refillable Cleaning Products. Thank you Ashley for helping us spread the word!

jamies journey

Jamie’s Journey

Jamie is a fantastic cleaning influencer managing motherhood, fitness, and household effortlessly. Based in Ohio, she's a proud millennial mom raising three girls, including twins. Despite the chaos, she loves her role and stays dedicated to fitness and a tidy home. Through her platform, Jamie extends her passion for cleanliness by sharing valuable tips and knowledge to her audience, inspiring them to achieve the same level of tidiness and order in their lives. She believes anyone can achieve their cleaning and organizing goals with determination. Follow Jamie on her social media channels for more motivation and insights!

Jamie is another longtime supporter of JAWS and we are so happy to see that she is on her way to 500k subscribers!

brandon pleshek
Clean That Up with Brandon Pleshek

Meet Brandon Pleshek, The Cleaning Influencer Inspiring Tidiness. Brandon stands out as a third-generation janitor with cleaning expertise embedded in his DNA. Passionate and dedicated, Brandon's love for teaching others the art of cleaning is evident in every video he creates. From removing stubborn paint stains to tackling dreaded slime on carpets, his tips and hacks make cleaning tasks seem like a breeze. If you're looking for practical advice and easy-to-follow tutorials to spruce up your living spaces, Brandon Pleshek is your go-to guy. Follow him on YouTube for a daily dose of cleaning inspiration and watch your home transform into a spotless sanctuary!

Operation Niki

Operation Niki 

Rochelle N. Stewart, also known as Operation Niki, is a cooking, cleaning, organizing, and self-care guru. With more than 3 million followers across both of her platforms she shares quick and effective cleaning and organizing tips. Through her engaging videos, she shares practical advice on maintaining a tidy and harmonious living space, making her a must-follow influencer in the cleaning community.

silvia en tu vida

Silvia en tu Vida

Another Youtube cleaning influencer that stands out is Silvia Sosa from ‘Sivia en tu Vida’. Silvia channel is perfect for Spanish-speaking viewers. Silvia's platform is designed to assist her viewers in leading more organized lives. She warmly invites mothers, stating, "if you are a mother like me, this channel is for you!" Offering a diverse range of content, from food recipes to makeup suggestions and budget-friendly home decor ideas, Silvia's primary goal is to optimize the use of time and money for her audience. By following her on social media, you can expect to receive valuable assistance in various aspects of your life. Don't miss out - go follow her for more inspiring content.

Silvia is well known for her beautiful holiday decorating and wonderful fashion sense.

Amy Darley

Amy Darley is a dedicated cleaning influencer and stay-at-home mom of two amazing kids, Amy brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for making everyday life more manageable. Her YouTube channel is full of valuable content where she generously shares her top cleaning tips, organization hacks, simple makeup tutorials, and quick and delicious recipes. By following her, you're not just joining a channel; you're embarking on a journey towards a more efficient, organized, and enjoyable life with Amy Darley as your trusty guide. Get ready for regular doses of inspiration, practical solutions, and the motivation to make amazing things happen!

Jessica Tull

Jessica Tull

Jessica Tull is a mother of three who shares cleaning, organizing, decor, motherhood, and lifestyle tips on her YouTube channel. Jessica's energetic and motivational videos are perfect for inspiring you to tackle your to-do list and make the most of each day. What sets her apart is her realness - she shows the ups and downs of juggling kids and maintaining routines, giving her channel a refreshingly laid back and relatable vibe. Give Jessica a follow for practical advice and a dose of inspiration!

carissa nunez

Carissa Nunez 

Carissa Cleans It All is a breath of fresh air in the world of cleaning influencers on YouTube. With her infectious energy, practical tips, and no-nonsense approach to tidying up, Carissa has garnered a loyal following of fans who are inspired by her cleaning routines and organizational skills. Her videos are not only informative but also incredibly motivating, making even the most daunting cleaning tasks seem achievable. If you're looking to transform your space and develop better cleaning habits, Carissa Cleans It All is definitely the influencer to follow for a daily dose of cleaning inspiration.

melina brooks

Melina Brook

Melina Brook is one of the top cleaning influencers on YouTube. She's famous for her homecare and homemaking tips that make tough chores easy. Melina also shares tasty cooking recipes to help improve your cooking skills. People love her friendly advice on creating a cozy and organized living space. Whether you need help with cleaning or cooking, Melina Brook's videos are perfect for anyone looking to be inspired for a better home life.

These cleaning influencers not only offer valuable advice but also create a sense of community around the shared goal of maintaining a clean and organized living space. Whether you're a cleaning enthusiast or looking for inspiration to tackle your next cleaning project, these YouTube channels are sure to motivate and guide you along the way. Stay tuned for more cleaning tips and tricks from these top influencers, and remember, a clean home is a happy home!